About the Company

About the Company

TradingHint is an investment broker, that provides high-quality financial and investment services to its customers around the world.

All services and financial operations are regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (SVGFSA).

We provide our clients with a wide range of financial and trading instruments to trade Forex. Our team of highly experienced professionals is constantly working to develop and improve our services.

Our advantages:

Innovative trading platform

We employ an innovative trading platform TradeMux. Its main feature is flexibility and high speed of transactions processing. Unlike MetaTrader4, our trading platform is suitable for both beginners and professionals, as it is easy to learn, and it allows you to create your own workspace according to your needs.

Wide range of instruments

We provide you with a wide range of trading instruments. You can trade with more than 200 trading instruments including indices, forex currency pairs, CFDs, commodities, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Unique investment strategies

We have developed a unique instrument that allows you to minimize your risks and receive stable income. Its main idea is to select the best traders from all over the world, organize them into one trading network, and equally distribute managed capital among them.

Deposit without Commissions

TradingHint does not charge commissions for deposits. The safety of your money and personal information is our top priority.


Online trading is super convenient and incredibly easy. There is no need to install any programs on your PC.

Contact us:

support@hint4trader.com – technical and general questions
aml@hint4trader.com – verification and financial questions

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