Trading platform

Trading platform

TradingHint offers you a trading platform with a wide range of instruments for professional trading which will give you a strong competitive edge.

You can customize the workspace to your needs and test a wide range of instruments for trading and technical analysis. More than 200 trading instruments, 70 trading indicators, 130 instruments to work with charts and an unlimited number of accounts are at your disposal.

Advantages of our trading platform:

Trading Instruments

Trade with more than 200 trading instruments including indices, forex currency pairs, CFDs, commodities, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Unlimited number of accounts

Create any number of accounts under a single user profile, and switch between them with just one click. Now you don’t have to logout and login again or launch several trading platforms at the same time to see what is happening on your other account

Work with charts and technical analysis

Our trading platform allows you to create an individually customized workspace. Unlike MetaTrader, here you can design your trading strategies, draw on charts online, use indicators, Fibonacci tools, leave notes, comments and perform many other operations which simplify your trading.

Correlation trading

Draw a chart on a chart, place charts next to each other, in order to visually compare and see if there is any correlation among instruments. It will give you the edge to compete for the market.

Comfortable workspace

Orders and positions on TradeMux platform are located in separate tabs, making management and search of transactions easier and more convenient. Adjust side panels by expanding or narrowing the area of ​​the charts to concentrate on your goal.


After you start trading with TradingHint by using TradeMux trading platform, you will no longer want to go back to the inconvenient MetaTrader or any other platform.